Sardine (Sardina Pilchardus). Sardines are pelagic fish (those that live far from the coast) that travel through the different layers of water and whose fat content identifies them as blue fish. They are included in the order Clupeiformes, suborder Clupeidae.

This is a small and highly appreciated fish.


The body is elongated, not too compressed.

The eye has a well-developed adipose lid. The teeth are small or absent. The dorsal fin originates closer to the rostrum than to the base of the caudal fin. The scales are well visible, with small gills on the inner side where the organisms it feeds on are trapped.

The back is dark grey, blue and silver, with a bluish band along the flanks. The belly is silvery white. The fins are colourless, except for the dorsal fin, which is slightly darkened.

It is small and elongated in shape.


Caught by extractive fishing

The fishing gear used is purse seine and the catch area Northeast Atlantic.

Catching area: ( FAO 27 )


Butterfly cut.


Packaging: Preserved in a porex box with ice; interlaminated.

Frozen Sardines fillets

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