Pescados Airoa SL markets all types of fresh fish.

The activity developed by the company for the commercialization of its products goes through a series of stages until it reaches the end customer:


It is carried out by extractive fishing using various fishing methods, each one designed to catch a given species in the most efficient way possible, and taking into account the specific conditions of each site.


Once the boats arrive in port with the catch of the day, the product is placed into boxes for immediate transfer to the fish market.


Our Buyers choose the best of the catch, selecting the best product according to each customer’s demand.


The product is stored in cold storage rooms during the whole process (first waiting to be processed and then packaged before being sent to its destination), in order to upgrade its preservation and to keep the product in optimum conditions.

Processing and Packaging

Once in the Processing Room, the product is carefully selected, separating those pieces that do not meet the required quality levels. Once classified and selected, the product is subjected to a meticulous washing process and then packed in an expanded polystyrene box with a lid for direct and immediate loading for distribution. This entire process is carried out in a temperature-controlled, air-conditioned processing room.


Distribution is always carried out on the same day in refrigerated lorries, always maintaining the correct temperature and without breaking the product’s cold chain at any time.