Flying Squid is a name given to certain species of squid-like molluscs with which they are often confused. The Flying Squid (Illex spp.) is a cephalopod of the family Ommastrephidae.

It is a very common and commercially valuable species. It is easily found in markets and can be traded fresh, chilled or frozen. Several species of squid are frequently found in markets, such as the Coastal Squid (Todaropsis Eblanae), the Deep-Sea Fished Squid (Illex Illecebrosus) or the European Squid (Todarodes sagittatus). It feeds on crustaceans, pelagic fish and other cephalopods. It is a good substitute for the Common Squid, which it closely resembles.


It has a short, narrow cloak. Its head is voluminous and long. It usually has brown, reddish or orange tones.


Caught by extractive fishing.

The fishing gear used is trawling and the catch area is the Northeast Atlantic.

Catching area: ( FAO 27 )


Whole fish refrigerated in ice water and salt.

Packaging: bulk