Hake, whatever its size, has the scientific name of Merluccius Merluccius.

It is a highly appreciated white fish. This fish, with little fat and silvery-grey in colour, has small scales and goes through various nomenclatures according to its weight and dimensions. It is a marine fish of the Gadidae family with an elongated, almost cylindrical body.


Hake is fished in a wide variety of seas, but hake from the Cantabrian Sea and from the Galician Fishing Bank are the most highly appreciated, due to their meat and consistency.

Although depending on the areas of origin it may present some morphological features of differential appearance, in general it has a somewhat cylindrical appearance with a slim, elongated and slender body. It has a large head, flat on top, and a jaw up to the vertical of the centre of the eye. Colour steel grey on the back and whitish on the belly.


Caught by extractive fishing.

The fishing gear used is trawling and the catch zone is the Northeast Atlantic.

Catching area: ( FAO 27 )


Whole fish refrigerated in ice water and salt.

Packaging: bulk