Horse mackerel (Trachururs Trachururs). It belongs to the family of the Carangidae, order Peciformes (blue fish).

It is often called Atlantic Horse Mackerel. There are different known species of this fish. Of all of them, the European Horse Mackerel is considered to be the highest quality.

A fish that can be classified as “popular” and relatively affordable.


The Horse Mackerel has an elongated and compressed body with a very marked lateral line, large eyes and a large mouth in relation to the size of the head.

Its body is greenish blue except for its belly, with white or silver tones. It has a dark spot on the operculum.


Caught by extractive fishing. The most common gears used are bottom trawls, trammel nets and purse seines.

Catching area: ( FAO 27 ) Atlantic Northeast


Whole fish refrigerated in ice water and salt.

Packaging: bulk

Frozen Horse Mackerel

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